Discover How We Clean Our Hire Equipment

The health and wellbeing of our clients is of paramount importance to us. We’ve put into place a set of procedures so that you can be confident that the party equipment you receive is cleaned to a high standard.


The Process


Cleaning Party Return

Step 1. Upon receiving a returned package

When a hire package is returned to Party Chest we attach a small Velcro label to each box so we know exactly what is inside. Each hire package is assigned to a member of our team for cleaning and sorting.


Cleaning Party Experience Box

Step 2. The box

The cleanliness of each shipping box is as important as its contents. All previous shipping labels are removed and a wire brush is used to remove any stubborn bits. We then use a disinfectant spray and a hard brush to clean all sides of the box. This is then followed by a wipe down using a micro fibre cloth.


Cleaning Party Weighing and Counting

Step 3. Weighing and counting

Our team uses a checklist to make sure all equipment has been returned. Our LEGO and DUPLO are weighed on a large industrial weighing scale to make sure that the amount is correct for the next customer.


Cleaning Party Inspection

Step 4. Inspection

Our team will hand check all equipment for damage. We are lucky to have very patient staff who will hand check smaller pieces such as LEGO and blaster darts.


Cleaning Party Washing and Drying

Step 5. Testing

All equipment such as Nerf blasters and Funfair games are hand tested. We'll even sing a couple songs when testing the Karaoke equipment! All electrical items are PAT tested.


Cleaning Party Washing and Drying

Step 6. Washing and drying

All LEGO, DUPLO and other smaller plastic items such as railway track are machine washed using a non-bio detergent. We also machine wash all fabrics such as construction vests, team bibs, funfair curtains and golf mats. All machined washed equipment is then dried. We tumble dry construction vests and team bibs.


Cleaning Party Disinfecting

Step 7. Disinfecting

Finally, our team will disinfect all equipment using a Dettol disinfectant spray.


Cleaning Party

Step 8. Repacking

Once all equipment has been inspected, tested and cleaned, all equipment is then carefully packed ready for the next magical party experience.

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